”Ecce homo”

15x13cm, sanguine and ink on khadi paper

Part of the artist’s series of ‘’Ecce Homo’’, this drawing shows Christ in close-up, His body filling the entire space. The viewer cannot distance from the bleeding and colossal body of the suffering God’s Son, just exiting from the deep sleep of deaths, which limbo still covers His face and silhouette. Here, several media are convoked: sanguine, black ink for the so singular notes with travel, cross the figure, like remnants of the ordeal He endured on the Stations of the Cross. The pencil strokes create a kind of magma which conceals partially the face and seems to dump from it to invade the right corner of the drawing, constituting a rough and terribly living zone where pain is the most concentrated. This invites the viewer to share it with his own sight, and leaves him only able to feel torn by emotion.The choice of wether to use this kind of composition is to be noticed, as space, here, only exists thanks to the figure, and the high tension which emanates from the apparition, establishing links between Passion and Rising of Christ. One can think of Michelangelo’s ‘’Madonna of the Stairs’’, which prefigures already the Passion, though here the artist has chosen to reverse the subject, coming from the end to return to an earlier moment, still present. Once again, the contrast between the liminal face of Christ and His so powerful human body is stunning. It is very difficult, here, to mention one or different past masters as references, as it seems that this drawing, nourished by all of the greatest of them, exceeds precisely these models, leading to a new way of creating, without tabula rasa, but taking off so stunningly.


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