”Ecce homo”


In this drawing, highly structured, the elements used to represent the dramatic scene are like ‘’dazzled’’, a tension is operating, between the figure, almost entirely hidden, and the texture of the paper and of the black pencil strokes, which compose a universe both intriguing and disturbing. Hence this crucial moment, with Christ’ face like stuck in an army of shadows – perhaps the thronging masses of the damned – reveals His human fragility, which makes this drawing extremely moving, stirring. The way of drawing here reinterprets Rembrandt and Van Gogh and of course other great masters of the past, and, if Picasso also is present, it is only because his bourgeois interior is withdrawn, for the benefit of a new kind of space. A space which has no beginning and no end. The intensity of the crawling mass of black pigment and of the carefully selected pencil strokes leads up to a work which nobody, yet, had ever invented. It is a high masterpiece, showing one more time the boundlessness of the artist’s incredible inventiveness.


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