”Joseph of Arimethea”

80x60cm, charcoal on cartridge paper

Joseph of Arimethea is seized just after Christ’ s burial, and moves away, his body dismantling, shivering, as it was going to disappear.
His powerful body, broken up, in a way the Cubists never attempted to represent their figures.
Grieving, he leaves the scene, hopelessness, ignoring for the moment all what he is going to do later.
It is like a freeze frame, which highlights the present moment, the moment of the Spirit of God, fleeting, elusive.
The trembling line which defines Joseph’s body is tremendous, though so heartbreaking.
An admirable drawing, which entangles the viewer in the intensity and complexity of corporal sensations Michelangelo and the Mannerists after him never tried to give birth to.


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