”Samson sleeps”


Samson is sleeping, resting his imposing body and ignoring his fate.
Soon, Dalila will cut off his hair so that the Philistines can overpower him.
This drawing belongs to the portentous world of marvels the artist has created through the power of his talent, his infinite imagination and the richness of his inner vision.
Never such a figure has been represented like this, both ludicrous and stirring.
Lines are tangling, the pose of the body is drawn as a Dyonisos’ one, though one knows Samson didn’t drink alcohol.
His collapse, his withdrawal, are heartbreaking when one thinks of what is about to happen to him.
His face is concealed by his voluminous hair, his left arm and hand at rest show his confidence, soon betrayed.
As always, the artist choose here to draw a key moment in a human life, the fragility human being is submitted to, and the incredible power of this figure composes a prolongation to the Chauvet caves’ drawings, as the silhouette and its immanence are coming from the beginning of art, the dawn of creation.


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