This incredible drawing, its fabulous movement, gives a posterity to the past masters’ representations of the god – Cellini, Giambologna, so many others..
The astonishing fluidity of his flight, the unbelievable beauty of the line, the unthinkable mastership of the figure make it an absolute masterpiece, likened to the most greatest works the god inspired through the centuries.
Freedom, hope, lightness characterise the Psychopomp and thief god.
His more than dreamy body, the enchantment which seizes the viewer are indescribable.
It seems that all the time which has passed since the first incarnations of the god in stone then marble then bronze are suddenly abolished, that the artist owns the unique power to renew ad infinitum the models of the past, conferring them an exceptional status which lacks so much in current art.
It seems that creation, in his hands, cannot die, ever, as he keeps inventing new motifs, drawing on the cultural and traditional riches of forever different universes and imaginaries that have enlightened our world for milleniums.


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