As sculpted in an alpine rock, the mighty figure of the Minotaur is here viewed from the back, only described by an extremely mastered line, and lost in his thoughts.

His excruciating loneliness, his cruel fate, are depicted here with a high acuity and without any judgment.
Monstrosity is just present in the inchoate head, which deviates singularly from the traditional representations of the beast, as the artist seeks to sculpt ideas more than reality, and achieves abstraction, shooting the world of traditional figurations.
It is our inhuman fate that the Minotaur expresses here, the absolute solitude each of us has to confront with, in the crucible of suffering, during a desolate night, the one the monster – and each of us is one, this figure recalls us of that -, has to endure, lost and confined in a labyrinth which is as well an inner sombre one as an inextricable architectural one.
The intense beauty of the body, only defined by a single line, a caesura in the alpine rock-paper, inscribes this work in Donatello’s schiacciatto filiation.
One cannot help but be impacted by the infinite pureness of this figure, which removes the horror the Minotaur has always inspired and restitutes him his human part.

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