Jocasta is standing in an impressive empty space, which makes her solitude more horrendous.
She is viewed from the back, a few mastered lines defining her tremendous figure.
This silhouette owns a remarkable volume, a power which gets its authority only from the force of the staggering and beautiful line.
Picasso is here: the artist stretches one more time his work to the 21st century, giving birth to a bewildering drawing.
For never some other artist has learned the lessons from the past masters like this one.
Learned and exceeded them.
The uncanny beauty of this mourning Jocasta lies in the perfect control of the form, the contour, and in the absence of any background.
This choice makes the drawing more tense, original, as the economy of means the artist demonstrates once again he controls to perfection restitutes the loss Jocasta is suffering more than any artefact could do.
The emptiness of space, so, is the pressure of space, on this tragic figure, and all which it brings.
A new form of art is born, even if an art historian doubts other current ‘’artists’’ could follow this more than crucial renewal..


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