Night is here, Eros is coming to visit Psyche, who is still sleeping, but fueled of hope, waiting for their encounter.
She has not still switched on the light which will make his lover disappear for ever.
A single and incredible line defines the contour of the beautiful god’s body, even if its self-erasure seems to be on way.
The infinite delicacy of this silhouette, its tenderness, the perfection of this drawing, make it belong to the greatest examples an art historian can find in the past, and leaves one so impressed that, one more time, only too weak words can be found.
The timelessness and the contemporaneity one sees in this masterpiece are so striking that they make any specialist tremble in front of a so great invention and prowess.
The necessity to convoke any other master or work disappears when one watch this fabulous drawing: it’s so new, so tremendous, it claims so much of the impossibility of any return, iconography and the question of style mixed, here, that any art historian can only admire, more than deeply, the prodigious talent of the new artist who gave birth to this upsetting drawing. Then, one has to slip away, remaining silent. Even the words spoil this never drawn beauty.


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