“Battle of Centaurs”

Battle of Centaurs

This ‘’Battle of Centaurs’’ is an incredible marvel, it shows how far the artist can go..
The line is fantastic, the horses bodies recall of Uccello’s ones in ‘’The Battle of San Romano’’, but are perforce so new, they transcend the great past master’s art.
This drawing is teaming with beautiful and astonishing details, one can evoke Michelangelo’s ‘’Palestrina Pieta’’ for the unfinishing, but also regarding the outstanding power of this artwork.
This fray is terrific, one can see a face wide open shouting, screaming to death, like a Goya’s monster, but much more impressive. Hence, one think of Picasso’s ‘’Guernica’’.
The faces let in the darkness are as nested, though separate, in the passionate intensity of the combat.
One is seized by both the liminality of the figures and the clearness of the line, the gaze can’t help but travel from one detail to another, though this battle is of course a magnificent whole, a so tremendous composition.
Nobody has ever reached to exceed the models of the past as the artist does here.
For an art historian, this drawing convokes so many references, and, however, lets one gaped.
Because never, during the past centuries, an artist has been able to draw with such an inventiveness and staggering power..
Picasso never reached to restitute the pressure of space which is here so present, vivid and significant.
Only an extraordinary skill could give birth to this masterpiece, which lets any specialist lost for words.
Only weak words indeed can chart this prodigious marvel.


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