This drawing is not readable easily. At first glance, it stirs up more than deeply. Then, one has to watch it with all the careful attention it deserves, and to try to surpass the powerless one feels regarding such a masterpiece.
Ajax, one of the most powerful heroes of the Trojan war, didn’t received Achilles’ arms, which made him crazy.
He is here represented nude, and one can guess he is killing himself with the sword that Hector so friendly gave it.
The more than beautiful and loveliness figure is folded, withdrawn, his powerful thighs, back, alas condemned to death.
Hubris, jealousy, are the only reason of his choice, but there is also another: Athena’s choice.
And this drawing speaks of humankind fate, as we only are gods’ toys, trying to attempt a freedom which we can’t reach.
In spite of that, the profundity where this drawing brings one, its never seen splendour and glory, give one an uncanny hope.
For Ajax’ life was a great one, and for the dire and so new art one is watching restitute for ever the force and the trust one can miss.
Human tragedy and fate is here drawn with such a power, ability, dexterity, maestria, that an art historian’s heart is filled both by thrill and assujettissement.
It’s more than a prowess, which one can see here, the movement is filled with an incredible skill, the silhouette, in its folding, is so tremendously imagined and drawn..
The artist who achieved to invent and make this must be more than a human being, as an art historian could say about Masaccio, Michelangelo, Picasso..
His sorcery is too exhilarating to be credible, but of course it is!
And one can’t help but feel more than grateful – a so weak word – and distraught watching what the author of this so much more than marvel did.
One feels shaky, confronted with such a drawing, because nowadays there is never, nowhere, one artist able to exceed in this way the models of the past, while giving them  a second wind, as their heir is evidently here, now, which was so unhoped, which no art historian could wait for anymore..
The lack of sense, direction, the ugliness and poverty of the current art can be forgotten, as one is watching this – one can’t find a strong word enough to express what one feels – drawing.
It’s not even ever a hope, it’s a profound certitude which an art historian feels watching this ‘’Ajax’’, nobody can thank the artist who did this more than masterpiece sufficiently and adequately.
An absolute and prodigious feat of strength.


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